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1600 Series II Water Wheel Transplanter

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The most versatile water wheel planter for planting vegetables into plastic mulch!!

The Model 1600 Series II is a transplanter for setting plugs, pots, or bare root plants through plastic mulch. Here’s how it works. Water from the tank is directed into the center of the planting wheel. The spikes on the planting wheel pierce the mulch and fills the hole with water. Allowing the operators riding close to the row to hand set the plants into the holes at the proper depth. Up to four rows can be planted at a time. Growers are getting nearly 100% stands with this method of planting. There is no need to check plants after planting. Planting wheel can float over uneven bed. Will plant on flat or raised bed.

The standard Model 1600 Series II has an 18 tray carrying capacity, (25 with optional top tray). Four slant trays are “self-feeding”, and two large 80 gallon water tanks with a flow control valve that can be controlled by the planters. Fully adjustable seat provide comfort while planting, One Planting wheel is included. A category #2 3-point hitch is standard. Plant spacing wheel are available in a wide selection of sizes. The standard spikes will plant up to 2.5” diameter rd. or sq. pot. Custom spikes can be ordered.

Compare These Features Before You Buy!
  • Galvanized expanded metal trays; No more rust

  • Specialty Designed tanks so tractors operator can see people planting. Easier to communicate

  • More Water Capacity, Two 80 gallon tanks. (total 160 gallons)

  • Quick change water wheel setup

  • Extra wide row spacing from 8” to 36” standard equipment, use one to four planting wheels

  • Less operator fatigue with new lower seat profile

  • Lifetime warranty on UHMW planting wheel bearings.

  • Four slant trays is standard equip, optional top tray

  • Full open back, no bar to step across to access planting wheels

  • More leg room, easy foot rest adjustment, no wrench needed for seat height and side adjustment

  • Side valve for washing hands

  • High flow 1” valve necessary for 2-4 rows

  • Larger tires with highway bearings

  • Will plant through 60” row centers

  • Optional side ladder for filling water tanks.

Spike Sizes  


Compare These Features Before You Buy!
Features Options
  • Compact water wheel transplanter with Category I and II 3- point hitch

  • Approximate tractor size: 35 to 60 hp

  • Field ready with one planting wheel

  • Plants bare roots, pots, and plugs

  • Capability of 8” to 16” row spacing and one or two planting wheels (Standard)

  • Two 50 gallon water tanks

  • 10 tray capacity; 15 with top tray

  • Will plant 62” row spacing (minimum)

  • Quick change planting wheel setup

  • New design seat adjustment, easy on the go adjustment!

  • Galvanized expanded metal trays

  •  Extra top tray

  • Quick fill (2” quick coupler connection)

  • Trailer\3-point combination

  Powder Coated  
  Quality Baked-On Paint  

Notice: Full Open Back

Clear View To Plastic Row!!

Optional Top Tray

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