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Layflat & Flat Tube Irrigation Supply Lines


Layflat is a general purpose water discharge hose. It is used primarily as a mainline in drip irrigation systems to transfer water from the source to the field. Layflat can also be used as a sub-main in which your drip tape is connected directly to it. This material can operate at a higher pressure than flat tube.


Main and sub-Main lines

Size Length Max PSI Price
per Roll
1.5 Inch 300 feet 80 PSI $Call
2 Inch 300 feet 80 PSI $Call
3 Inch 300 feet 70 PSI $Call
4 Inch 300 feet 70 PSI $Call
6 Inch 300 feet 50 PSI $Call



Flat Tube is a low pressure tubing used for headlines in drip irrigation systems. Typically operating pressure in flat tube should not exceed 21 PSI. The use of a pressure regulator is recommended.

Main and sub-Main lines

Size Length Price per Roll
1 Inch 250 feet $Call
1.5 Inch 150 feet $Call
1.5 Inch 600 feet $Call
2 Inch 150 feet $Call
2 Inch 450 feet $Call
3 Inch 200 feet $Call
4 Inch 130 feet $Call


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