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Notice The Difference?

Mulch Layer
with Ro-Track
Disengaged Ro-Track, Rigid
Like Conventional Machines


“Ro-Trak” is a self-steering device for the for the Model 2550 and 2600 raised bed plastic mulch layers. “Ro-Trak” electronically senses when the machine is not traveling straight and hydraulically makes adjustments to keep it straight and in line with the row while laying mulch film.

“Ro-Trak” works especially well on hillsides and contours, the most challenging mulch laying conditions. It keeps the covering discs and press wheels accurately positioned on each side of the bed because it stops the rear of the mulch layer from fish tailing due to side drifting and off steering of the tractor, eliminating the problem of row to row adjustments by keeping the machine in line with the direction of travel.

“Ro-Trak” is a compact hydraulic rocker arm attached to the 3-point hitch that is activated by a sensor at the back of the machine to counter the sway and control the fish tailing of the mulch layer.


  • More uniform and fuller beds
  • Helps prevent mulch from coming loose
  • Faster mulch laying! Not necessary to lay all in one direction on hillsides.


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