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Micro-tough Embossed Plastic Mulch


Micro embossed is a true embossed cast film that is embossed hot out of the die. This process imparts a deeper embossing and material characteristics more compatible with farm mulch film application. Micro Tough is “Micro” embossed. Viewed under a magnifying glass you’ll see a square taffeta pattern almost identical to conventional mulch but smaller. This Micro embossing allows the film to stretch and have memory so that it lays easily and hugs the bed tightly. This high memory film comes back to its original shape after periods of heat have caused it to expand. This keeps the plastic from moving and flopping up and down causing plant damage. It also helps to prevent the film from moving and blowing up due to winds. When the plastic blows up it causes plant and plastic damage. It also requires that the plastic be re-laid by hand and covered with ground to keep it down.

In contrast, the blown film process is how trash bags and construction film are made. The pattern is imprinted into cold plastic after the plastic is formed. The embossing is shallow and the film is shiny or glossy in appearance. The material may appear to be strong but the blown material does not hug the bed as tightly or as uniform as Cast film and expands and contracts with temperature changes causing the film to be loose or baggy. Canadian embossed is made this way.

Micro Tough is superior to “conventional” Mulch plastics in all of the physical characteristics that matter to the grower. If you lay conventional mulch film you can immediately switch to Micro Tough without major machine adjustments. The smaller Micro pattern adds overall strength to the film by not cutting as broadly into the material. Micro Tough is formulated using the current generation linear low density and Ultra linear low density polyethylene resins with UV stabilized black color concentrate. These combinations of materials are manufactured using our formula specifications developed in our laboratory and manufactured only in our plants. This formula has extraordinary physical properties to Micro Tough films at lower gauge. Micro Tough Mulch Films are lighter, tougher and less expensive to use than conventional mulch films. Our company is dedicated to the agricultural market and has been producing mulch plastic since 1970.



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