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"Not only do we sell these fine products we also use them. We are farmers too! We know these products perform!"

Now BOTH Low and Medium flow drip tape

Reduced clogging

The biggest turbulent flow path, of footprint, of any drip tape product.

Compare flow path dimensions:
Dripper Flow Path Dimensions (in.)
Width Depth Length
Bowsmith BigFoot  Medium Flow 0.21 GPH
  0.035 0.035 7.9
Bowsmith BigFoot Low Flow 0.07 GPH
  0.020 0.032 7.9
Netafim Streamline* 0.21 GPH
  0.021 0.020 0.504
*"Netaflm" and "Streamline" are trademarks of Netafim USA

Cost effective

  • Save on water and fertilizer costs.
  • Low inlet pressure requirements save on energy costs. Reliable performance for increased yields
  • Requires only 120 Mesh Filtration and Operates at 8-10 PSI

Reliable Performance

  • Slit outlets help prevent root intrusion.
  • Enhanced turbulent flow path for better emission uniformity.

Bigfoot Drip Tape Medium Flow
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Bigfoot Drip Tape Low Flow
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