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   Plastic Mulch
The highest quality hot cast micro embossed plastic on the market by Pliant.  Available in multiple sizes and colors. Smooth plastic also available
  Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation tape, drip tape fittings, layflat, flatube, pressure regulators and more!
  Avian ControlTM
Avian Control TM
The most effective liquid bird repellent available.
Palring the Leader in Woven Greenhouse Covers.
Raised bed mulch layers, Flat bed mulch layers, Water wheel planters, Mulch lifters 3 Row Machines  and Ro-Trak
  Row Covers
Custom Made Row Covers
Floating Row Cover, Perforated Plastic Covers, Wire Hoops

Welcome to, the website for all your plastic mulch and drip irrigation needs.

Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch LLC has been in business selling plastic mulch film and irrigation tape since 1974. We service customers all over the United States and Canada. We sell the highest quality smooth plastic mulch film as well as embossed plastic mulch film at the best prices around. You cannot beat our factory direct prices. Not only do we sell these fine products we also use them. We are farmers too. We know these products perform!

Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch LLC specializes in volume users as well as smaller growers. No grower is too big or too small. Our product line of mulch films is second to none. We carry the traditional black and clear 1 mil smooth and embossed as well as reduced gauges of embossed. Our .6 mil embossed is an excellent way for large and small volume growers to save hundreds if not thousands on product cost as well as shipping and removal costs.

Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch LLC also sells degradable film. We have clear degradable for sweet corn use as well as black degradable for almost any crop. Our .6 mil embossed degradable is revolutionizing the degradable film market. Find out how much you can save with this great product.

Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch LLC also sells colored plastics. Green embossed and red embossed are our two biggest sellers. Find out how these great products can bring earlier and bigger yields.

Custom sizes available.


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